Twi-Junior does not collect user information nor does it store it,Twi-Junior simply requires internet access to display adverts.

Twi-Junior contains adverts and for the adverts to display Twi-Junior needs internet and at times WiFi access.


Twi-JuniorPro is a (paid) and an adverts free version of Twi-Junior with more content and faster response time. Twi-JuniorPro does not collet user information nor does it store it.

Twi-JuniorPro has over 300 more translations than Twi-junior. Twi-JuniorPro has four new sections added to it (Tourist,Transport,Hotel,Shopping) it also has four (4) more assessment sections added. To ensure that our users know exactly when a new release/update is out we have built in a brand new notification service that notifies our users of any new update/ release.


Please feel free to contact us about anything concerning both apps and we will respond as soon as we can. please enjoy both apps, thanks again for your continuous support.