Kwasi Technology is a registered cc (Closed corporation), the company is mainly a web development company but unlike the millions of other web development companies out there Kwasi Technology puts their clients needs well before their own. The company was founded by Mr. Joseph kwasi Ampofo in November of 2010. Mr. Ampofo holds a B-Tech (Honors Degree) in software development from Tshwane University of Technology (Pretoria – South Africa), During his fourth year of study he got his first job at a company called Netcb Solutions (a Partner of Novell) where he started off as an intern and then gradually worked his way up into a more permanent position. This is where his web development and programming skills grew and then started thinking about starting a small company of his own. While at Netcb Solutions Mr. Ampofo worked on three independent websites for Netcb, “”, “”, “”, as well as one other site for a client “”.

While working at Netcb Solutions Mr. Ampofo also worked on a conceptual site for the city of Tshwane, where officials from the city wanted to find an alternative to their then current site. They wanted a more modern site that was easy to manage and maintain as a result Joomla! was introduced to solve their problem. Joomla! is one of the world’s leading content management systems (CMS) with its own administrative section, making it easy for the administrator to manage and maintain the site. Joomla! Ended up being the right choice for the project meeting all the requirements. Mr. Ampofo has also worked with Drupal, which is also a content management system.

Kwasi Technology is focused solely on their clients business needs by putting together a comprehensive web development strategy and Web marketing plan to achieve their goals. The latest website designed by Kwasi Technology was for a company called afrocentricip “”, but this was done after Mr. Ampofo left Netcb solutions.

Kwasi Technology just finished designing a new website for a non-profit organization called prometheus-studios

We are pleased to announce that we have now added two more sites to our companies portfolio, Silkrecords “’ (a recording company) , olgacorner “” (The quantum genius system) and MaxakaEvents “”.

Kwasi Technology has now also ventured into mobile development, and has now created three mobile applications Twi-Junior , Twi-Junior Lite and Twi-JuniorPro these applications are currently only on Android platform and can be found on Google Play.

A YouTube channel has been created to help those that download our mobile app “Twi-JuniorPro” learn TWI quicker and in a fun way. please click on the link to navigate you to our channel .